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OK, this may be a refreshing change for some of you (or maybe ALL of you, who knows?) since this journal entry is not a rant, or me breaking bad on someone or something. I just wanted to wish all of you a merry Christmas. While I’m not particularly religious I do maintain Christian beliefs, therefore I wish folks ‘Merry Christmas’ because that’s the holiday I celebrate. If I know I’m engaging someone of the Jewish faith, I will wish them a happy Chanukkah. But, I’ll admit, I’m not aware of everyone’s religious affiliation; I can’t hear a particular surname and determine, “Oh yeah, they are Jewish”, and truthfully I believe it’s wrong to make such assumptions. That being the case, I most likely have have wished ‘merry Christmas’ to many Jewish friends or even total strangers. But here’s the thing: not one of them jumped down my throat for it. None blessed me out for giving them a Christmas greeting, they simply accepted it in the spirit in which it was intended, and I do the same. I have on occasion been wished ‘happy Chanukkah’ by Jewish friends (they knowing full well I am a Gentile), and I return their blessing cordially. If someone thinks highly enough of me to bestow such a blessing on me, I consider it an honor…I’d even go as far as to say it’s an expression of love, and couldn’t we all use much more of that?

I thought I had written about this before, I seem to remember doing so at that other journal which I no longer use, but I just can’t find it, so here it is redone, or done for the first time, I don’t know. So, even though the greeting is somewhat belated, merry Christmas to all of you! Yes, I’m still celebrating Christmas, days after the fact, even though the stores are having their post-Christmas clearance sales, and the radio stations have put away their holiday selections until next year. For me, it’s Christmas until the ball drops on Times Square…I guess I’m odd that way.


Nationwide two-way radio is a fine tool to have at one’s disposal. I think it’s rather intelligent of whomever figured it out to use the same call phone carrier signal to send a quick voice message to another subscriber. But I ask you, fellow subscriber, must you be so damned annoying when you do? First, there’s the “chirp”, that rapid succession of tones the phone sounds when a transmission is begun; it seems like all the phones equipped with the two-way feature are set to sound them at the highest volume possible. That would be fine if one wasn’t standing right next to someone using their two-way. Another thing: it appears that these devices are intended to be used by those who are hard of hearing, as they sound more like megaphones than cell phones.

And then there’s the general usage. As I understand, the two-way feature was intended to be for a quick blurb to another subscriber, e.g., “Hey Philip, call me on my cell, please” or, “Honey, pick up a loaf of bread on the way home.” Instead I see people yakking back and forth for half an hour or better. If you’re going to converse as though you were using the cell phone, wouldn’t it be better to use the cell phone rather than the two-way??


I ask you, as one who does not understand the reason for such an annoyance but wants to, are the features of these devices not adjustable? Can you not reduce the speaker volume? Can you not lower the volume of the chirping or, for that matter, not change the chirp to something a bit less distracting like a chime or a short whistle? I have considered purchasing a phone with the two-way communicator feature (‘radio’ seems to be a bit of a misnomer once you understand the technology involved), but if using it makes me an inconsiderate, obnoxious wretch, then I want no part of it.


On a side note, since I’m on the subject of cell phones, why are there no versions of the phone we’d like to have that DON’T have a built in/on camera/video recorder? For those who don’t have such devices already I’m sure it’s quite convenient to have them bundled with the phone. I love my LG vx-8000, but I already have a camera and camcorder, so the camera part of the phone is unnecessary to me. When I asked the Verizon rep if there was a version available without the camera, I was told that there wasn’t. “I don’t know” was the reply I got when I queried further. Sure I could have gotten a model without a camera, but I didn’t want another model, I wanted this one. I’d send a suggestion to the manufacturer if I thought it would do any good, but I most likely would get a ‘…thank you for your suggestion, now go away.’ form letter back. Oh well, no biggie anyway. I figure cell phones will be obsolete in a few years, and then we’ll be using these for communication:

Sora’s Addendum: What you should be seeing here is a comm badge as seen in Star Trek:TNG, but Photobucket has banned my account, citing TOS violation, hence the absence of the image.  I can’t begin to describe how pissed off I am with them now.  BOYCOTT PHOTOBUCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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