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I really hate when bad stuff just piles up on you. It seems to suck the life and desire right out of you. Recent turns of events have kept me from being able (or wanting) to go online for at least ten days. Sucks huh? Especially when surfing the net is one of your favorite pastimes. Here’s what’s going on:


First, technical difficulties. My PC is a laptop..the type they refer to as a ‘desktop replacement’, for all intents and purposes everything you’d find in a desktop PC stuffed into a laptop case. Well, about ten days ago I walk in to find my screen very dark, with a very deep pink hue. I’d left the PC on overnight; no big deal, I’d done so many times before. I thought maybe it was just a little over heated…I’ll shut it down for an hour to cool and reboot, problem solved. Uhh, problem NOT solved. I reboot and the screen doesn’t light up at all. The glare from the room light hits the screen in such a way that I can see everything on the LCD, so I know it’s still alive, but one wouldn’t be able to work with this for long without difficulty. Some research (on a PC with a working monitor) tells me that the fluorescent tube that is the LCD backlight is dead, or the power supply for said lamp is fried. Great, I think to myself sarcastically. Further reading leads me to info that replacements are reasonably cheap. I can live with cheap. So now I’m toying with the idea of doing what is sure to be some VERY delicate surgery: cracking open the laptop’s LCD assembly. It doesn’t unnerve me too much. I was a tinkerer long before I went to school to be professionally trained at it. The scary part is having never torn into something like this. In order to get the replacement parts I might need, I have to open the LCD assembly to get part numbers from the parts themselves. Yes, I *have* searched online, no luck. Toshiba is notoriously tight-lipped with their information…I’ve been trying for four years to figure out how to access their BIOS, they will not divulge that info. In the mean time, I’ve found a CRT to hook up and use which is the only way I could have made this entry without a very bright flashlight and three days of typing.


Second (oh yes, there’s more), I get hit with the flu, or something very flu-like. I dare say this is the worst sickness I’ve had since childhood. This bug does not want to let go. Several times, I’ve cleared up and thought it was over, only to be ransacked by another set of symptoms or recurring ones a few hours later. Right now, it’s in my ears. I can barely hear, my balance is affected, and the tinnitus is driving me crazy. All I know to do is keep popping vitamin C and zinc tabs, drinking chicken soup, and wait it out.


So, how’s THAT for screwed up? Yes, it could be worse…but it sure could be a whole lot better.

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