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THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I am pleased that you stopped in to have a look at my puny little journal, and humbled that there’s been enough interest (or at least curiosity) to put me over 2500 views. Alright, enough gushing, on to the latest (albeit short) post.

OK, I decided a few years ago that I’d like to visit Malaysia. Why there? Well, why not?? For one I wouldn’t need to learn a new language (even though I *am* trying to pick up a little Cantonese), and I just happen to know of a very friendly tour guide. 😉 Another reason would be the exotic cuisine, however, I’m now more confused than ever about a particular epicurean delicacy..that being the durian.

Sora’s Addendum: What you should be seeing here is a durian, the “king of fruits”, but Photobucket has banned my account, citing TOS violation, hence the absence of the image.  I can’t begin to describe how pissed off I am with them now.  BOYCOTT PHOTOBUCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve not done any research (yet) regarding this so-called ‘King of Fruit’; if I searched on it, the results would likely be too numerous to work with. What I do know I learned from TV and from The Eternal Wanderer (see link over on the left). On one show I watched, the host described it as having the taste and texture of rotting onion. Another I viewed only days ago described the taste as an almond custard-like flavor.

So I wish to pose this question to those in the know: What am I in for? I do enjoy trying new foods, and I like to know what to expect before I take that first bite. And since I’m asking about foods, what others should I try while visiting Malaysia? Of course I’m talking about tastes indiginous to the country (I can get McDonald’s anywhere!).

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