OK, time to knock the dust off the keys and write something I suppose, since I’ve finally been inspired to share.

I just visited the site of Paul Goldin, and tried this free Colorgenics profile after reading the “Simply Amazing!” one created by my good buddy Philip ( ^_^ V ) on his journal. Philip is correct in his evaluation; it’s like this program opened a window into my psyche and laid the details out for me to see, whether I wanted to see it or not. Here’s what it produced for me:

The idea of togetherness, love, warmth, tenderness and mutual understanding fascinates you but you seem to be embarrassed by the thought of allowing this to appear openly. It would appear that you employ a cautious exploratory tactic in the pursuit of this objective, making sure that you are neither irrevocably committed nor found out.

Most people are conditioned by their environment and you are no exception. You are an extremely emotional person – so much so that ‘the wrong word’ can lead you to tears. You feel other people’s pain. You feel the need of sympathetic relationships and a pleasant work environment in order to develop and grow. You are an impulsive, loving individual with a great deal of inherent feeling.

You are not an argumentative sort of person and ‘rather than fight – you’d switch’ (an old cigarette ad cliche). But when you try to assert yourself – as sometimes you may try to do – you meet with so much resistance and effrontery that manifests itself so obviously that you become hurt, indignant and resentful. So in order to have peace and quiet you tend to become inhibited. You keep it all to yourself but deep down, you ‘feel’ and ‘hurt’ a lot.

Presently, you are experiencing stress because of restriction on your independence. You need and seek respect from other people and it is essential that they appreciate you for yourself and not for what they would like you to be. You have your own beliefs and convictions and you would like to be respected for them. You are anxious to avail yourself of every opportunity that may come your way but nevertheless, come what may, you have the need to control your own destiny without imposed limitations or restrictions.

You are fed up with other people trying to influence you and you also feel that it is necessary to protect yourself from the threat that your independence and freedom may be restricted. You would just like to be left alone.

Without laying out the gory details, I’ll say this is pretty much dead-on. How did it do this? What are the details behind this Colorgenics?? I haven’t a clue, but I am now inclined to look into it further with an objective mindset. Give it a try, I’d love to see how it works for you. Just keep an open mind and don’t rush through it, put some real thought into your choices.

Go to: http://www.paulgoldin.com and click on the Colorgenics banner.