I’ve never considered myself a democrat, republican, independent, libertarian or any other ‘label’ you could put on one who sides with a particular political party. But whenever I’ve submitted to any sort of litmus test, most times I’ve found myself siding with the republicans and their ideas. Not that I haven’t heard good ideas/policies from the other parties, but I’ve found more that *I* agree with coming from the G.O.P.

I’m going to have a tough time deciding this year who should be the leader of my country. Do I go with Obama with his charisma and inexperience, or McCain, who just doesn’t strike me as a political powerhouse? One of my tenets has always been, he who throws the most mud usually has the most to hide. I suppose that’s what I’ll have to watch for in these next few weeks…who can withstand the storm the best. But even that may not be enough to sway me in any one direction. I imagine the decision will be made in the last week or two prior to election day, when the two sides will whip out the heavy artillery, the bombshell that transforms the other candidate into a shrinking violet and guarantees a landslide victory.

No. I don’t think I’ll wait for anything. I believe the best solution would be a write-in vote for ‘None of the above’.